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Vancouver Canada- the world’s most beautiful city, and we can help you to study here!
加拿大温哥华 – 世界上最美丽的城市,我们可以帮助您在这里学习!

About Greater Vancouver 关于大温地区








美丽的温哥位于加拿大西海岸,气候温和,经常被世界很多组织列为全球最适宜居住城市。温哥华的多种族多元文化共享使它更加的国际化,受到全世界的青睐。它西邻太平洋,东连落基山脉,美不胜收的景色使这里的人们如置身人间天堂。想知道大温地区不同城市的信息, 请参照下面的链接

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the west coast of Canada with a very mild climate. Many organizations regularly list Vancouver at the top of the list of best cities in the world to live. It is a very international city that is home to people of many different cultures and races, making it an interesting and welcoming place. With the ocean on one side and mountains on another, the breathtaking scenery makes it seem like living in a fairytale. Learn more about the various cities that make up the Greater Vancouver area by visiting these links:
City of Vancouver
City of Burnaby
City of New Westminster
City of Coquitlam
City of Port Moody
City of Port Coquitlam
City of Maple Ridge
City of Richmond
Corporation of Delta
City of Surrey
City of Langley
Township of Langley
City of North Vancouver
District of North Vancouver
District of West Vancouver

School Information 有关学校的信息







School districts 学校区
大温地区的小学 中学 高中按地理位置划分成不同区域,这个地图是学校所在的位置,请参考以下链接找到更多关于学校的信息
The elementary, middle and secondary schools of Greater Vancouver are divided into districts. This map shows where each of them are and the links below will lead you to more information about each district.
School District 35
School District 36
School District 37
School District 38
School District 39
School District 40
School District 41
School District 42
School District 43
School District 44
School District 45

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